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Pocket Apps

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Pocket Apps

I think these should be called Pocket Apps or even Flash Drive Apps or something to attract more users, then people can know they can install on their encrypted pocket drives! Just an idea for you guys! Some lesser gifted people might not know what portable apps are.
Just an idea guys! Hope you like it!

Ken Herbert
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PortableApps is the brand

PortableApps is a brand name. Just like Volkswagen make cars and Samsung make phones, PortableApps makes apps that run from portable media, and it has been an established brand for almost 20 years now.

Also you might find that calling them pocket drives is not exactly universal.

In the countries I've lived and visited regularly (Australia, Ukraine, a few other parts of Eastern and Central Europe) I've never heard someone call them "pocket drives". Calling them USB drives, thumb drives, flash drives, and portable drives is common, but I've never heard them called pocket drives until this post.

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