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Platform 26.3 on Windows 11 23H2 is very large

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Platform 26.3 on Windows 11 23H2 is very large

The menu pops up full height of screen but normal width with very large font, overlapping text at the top and not all icons showing. Opening the About dialog is also outsized, making it impossible to use. Are others having this issue?

Using Dell laptop with latest Windows 11 23H2 version. 11th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-11800H with 16gb ram. Very fast WiFi connection and there was no problem reported with the Platform installation. Apps have updated since the menu distortion, and Apps I can still see open normally.

I have rebooted several times without change, can I get help, please?

John T. Haller
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No Changes, Reinstall

There have been no changes to the platform that would cause this. If you're using 23H2, you just updated to that in the last few days. That may be related as it hasn't been tested in Windows 11 23H2 yet. It's also possible something got corrupted. Try downloading the PA.c Platform installer from the website (Download button above) and then install it over your existing copy. It should detect any default location automatically. If in a custom location, select the folder where Start.exe is. This will replace all existing platform files without messing with your platform or app settings.

Also make sure your display magnification settings aren't set weirdly either system wide or for the PA.c Platform itself. This sounds like a scaling issue. Right-click the Desktop, select Display Setting. Scale should normally be 100% unless you're using a high density display.

I'm attempting to get my Windows 11 virtual machine updates to 23H2 to test it here.

UPDATE: Got Windows 11 VM upgraded. Looks just fine at 100% and 125% zoom.

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