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Listary -> ListaryClassic settings migration

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Listary -> ListaryClassic settings migration

Hi there!
Just installed ListaryPortable (v6) alongside ListaryClassicPortable (v3) and would like to import my folder list and other settings. However v6 offers import only from v5. Is there any quick and easy way or do I have to do all setup manually? Maybe I can upgrade my v3 to v5 and then do the migration?

John T. Haller
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We didn't do a portable version of 4 or 5 due to technical issues with them. I don't know if 5 can import from 3 or just from 4 either. You could try local installs of each, but that would take a bit. Realistically, I think manually setting up the folders would be the least painful of these scenarios.

Edit: You could also try the ZIP portable version of 5 to see if that can import and then import to our 6.

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