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Ferdium Portable 6.7.3 Dev Test 1

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Ferdium Portable 6.7.3 Dev Test 1

This app has been released:

App: Ferdium
Description: online service consolidator allowing users to access services such as Discord, Skype, Messenger, and more in a single place
License: Open Source

Download Ferdium Portable 6.7.3 Dev Test 1 [REMOVED]
SHA256: 4fe805fe5c66196834cbdda25512653f0633b88f00d0486213ccacad3387c03d
Download: 181MB / Install: 437-782MB
System Requirements: Windows 10/11, 32bit or 64-bit

32-bit is optional. Not including it saves 345MB of install size. Files used by both 32-bit and 64-bit are moved back and forth rather than having two copies which saves 64MB of space.

The publisher makes available an Electron-based portable version. This setup extracts 400+MB to the local machine's TEMP directory to run and then deletes on exit. The PA.c Format version has the files extracted and ready to use on your device and won't copy them locally.

Release Notes:
2024-05-13: Intitial release

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VxKex for obsolete OSes

Looks great if there is an 'App Note' about → VxKex. For all supported apps. Because it revives our antediluvian computers!

PS. Cant find it in SourceForge.

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