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Opera portable

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Opera portable

When launching opera portable from portableapp menu it says

Loading the last positon file
The last positon is L:\
The actual positon is l:\
The same positon, nothing to do

then i get a massage

saying that windows can not fing
when i launch it from the folder, it works, same with 8.54
Can anybody help me?

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Again, I really think portable apps menu should launch the apps with their own folder as work folder...

Ryan McCue
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It will

John made a mistake when programming.
Ryan McCue
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drive letter issue?

Guessung the first letter to be an "l" and the second to be an "i", I'd say its a drive letter issue.

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RSinko I had same trouble.

I had same trouble. It is addressed in
The fix is in Beta 2 only, not Beta 3.


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