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prompt for proxy password

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prompt for proxy password

my college network uses proxy authentication for HTTP, and I've changed the proxy setting for my thunderbird as I did with my firefox. but thunderbird doesnt prompt anythin such as proxy authentication. and I still cant get any of my email instead of an email account in my network

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Any chance

you set it as the incorrect password by accident and now it isn't prompting you? Check TB's remembered passwords. That's the only thing I can think of off the top of my head.

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In order to make the proxy

In order to make the proxy authentication box to appear in portable TB, one could do one of the following:
Go to Tools --> Extensions ---> Click on Find Updates.


Go to Help --> Check for Updates after which the authentication box will appear. You do not need to perform the update persé, select later.

Unfortunately, I have to perform this step everytime I start Portable TB else it will not connect to the proxy server.

Hope it helps.



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