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media monkey

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media monkey

if it is at all possible i think this would be a great addition. i love media monkey and since it is almost like winamp it might be possible. thanks!

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Link please

could you use the Request Format?
Would be a great help...

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media monkey

i agree, media monkey would be an excellent portable app if possible.

Program: Media Monkey

License: freeware / not 100% sure on definition of other licenses...

Description: audio player for windows that works excellently with a large library. allows for editing and moving of files that other programs do not.


Other: free program with a pay for gold version also.

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Yes I agree, a portable

Yes I agree, a portable media monkey would be great, but it would take up alot of space. I have about 6 gigs of music, so im not sure how good that would translate on my USB lol.

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yeah i'm loving media

yeah i'm loving media monkey.

No !
It's just to use mediamonkey in another PC Smile
I just want to play music with it !
Just do a choice of your favorite songs and play with

Developers please take care of my Monkey Sad

We love it and it should be great if he will become portable Blum

Thanks guys for you work !

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The Godfather is very

The Godfather is very similar to Media Monkey and at least mobile.

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Actually, The Godfather is

Actually, The Godfather is nothing like MediaMonkey.

GF will just manage files and tags. MediaMonkey is a media player, organizer and much more.

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Portable Mediamonkey

MediaMonkey Portable

1. Extract this zip file into a [PortableDrive]\PortableApps\MediaMonkeyPortable folder.
2. Copy or move the contents of C:\Program Files\MediaMonkey into "[PortableDrive]\PortableApps\MediaMonkeyPortable\App\MediaMonkey"
3. Copy the contents of "C:\Document and Settings\[User]\Local Settings\MediaMonkey" to "[PortableDrive]\PortableApps\MediaMonkeyPortable\App\MediaMonkey"

Known Issue:
An m3u file is still created in user folder!!! Could use some help determining how the ini file could be used to determine dynamic placement of this file in the portable folder.

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please remove your download

please remove your download link. redistribution is illegal unless you have permission from mediamonkey

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Tim Clark
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The Zip

What is in the .zip is the question.
The way he describes the procedure you:
"Copy or move the contents of C:\Program Files\MediaMonkey in..."

This implies that you already have the program!
Perhaps the zip is just a launcher ??
I would want to know before removing the link.

But the link is not working anyway Blum


{edit: the link is now working. Size 318k It looks like it does not contain the program. If one of the developers could check out the contents for anything illegal I would know how to proceed.}

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Looks to be directories plus

Looks to be directories plus a launcher and assorted ini and support files to put it into PortableApps format, including the Other\Source directory with NSI scripts.


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Same thing- no media monkey

Same thing- no media monkey program, just a launcher.

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