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Free: Printer & Spyware after rebates

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Free: Printer & Spyware after rebates

Check out this laptop advert at Circuit City. Look in the price box... I don't know how long it'll last so check it out!
Finally, this is the deal i've been waiting years for! XD

Patrick Patience
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It's a good laptop, my mom and brother have it, my mom has the new edition you're looking at, which is like exact same as the old edition which my brother's had for almost a year.

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Free spyware? I'll have to

Free spyware? I'll have to jump on it!


Ryan McCue
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You want to give me free spyware? As opposed to paid for spyware? (Imagine that, reverse charges for spyware i.e. Hey, I just sent you some spyware and debited the cost to your account)
Ryan McCue
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I could use some, too

As I have SuSE, it would be really funny to have some WinViruses around. Wink

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Back in the System 7 days of Mac, one of my friends from back then had a Mac and we looked at one of his school disks. On it was a Word Doc on it and his AV kicked off as saying that he had a virus on it. It was simply a Word Macro virus but still it was funny to see it as there was no word for mac back then so it was harmless. Funny memory nothin gmore... lol

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