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Profiles and some messages vanishing

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Profiles and some messages vanishing

I am a newcomer to thunderbird-portable and am very excited to get it working. I downloaded version 2.0 and it worked awesome until i moved my drive. I had it installed on a 60gb usb portable hard drive. I got it all setup and then I unplugged it from my desktop and plugged it into my lappop. I opened up the program and it was fine. However, when I removed it from my laptop and returned it to my desktop, all the email folders were gone as well as the address book. I have lightning installed as well, but all of its info was still intact. I have gone into the profile and all my boxes are still there, but the program cannot see them. I have tried copying the profile, removing eveyrthing and then reinstalling t-bird and replacing the profile folder with the backed up one but it makes no diffrence. Can anyone help?

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Hello RG60438, I have

Hello RG60438,

I have exactly the same problem. Are you using IMAP or POP? I use always IMAP and my INBOX is quite huge with over 400MB.

I discovered this problem with TP 2.0b2 and TP 1.5.10.

May be TB is not ready for production use.


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