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PuTTY: Problems recompiling

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PuTTY: Problems recompiling

I tried recompiling the portable app launcher for this from the source included but NSIS gives me errors, see output below:

MakeNSIS v2.24 - Copyright 1995-2007 Contributors
See the file COPYING for license details.
Credits can be found in the Users Manual.

Processing config:
Processing plugin dlls: "C:\Program Files\NSIS\Plugins\*.dll"
- AdvSplash::show
- Banner::destroy
- Banner::getWindow
- Banner::show
- BgImage::AddImage
- BgImage::AddText
- BgImage::Clear
- BgImage::Destroy
- BgImage::Redraw
- BgImage::SetBg
- BgImage::SetReturn
- BgImage::Sound
- Dialer::AttemptConnect
- Dialer::AutodialHangup
- Dialer::AutodialOnline
- Dialer::AutodialUnattended
- Dialer::GetConnectedState
- InstallOptions::dialog
- InstallOptions::initDialog
- InstallOptions::show
- LangDLL::LangDialog
- Math::Script
- NSISdl::download
- NSISdl::download_quiet
- Splash::show
- StartMenu::Init
- StartMenu::Select
- StartMenu::Show
- System::Alloc
- System::Call
- System::Copy
- System::Free
- System::Get
- System::Int64Op
- System::Store
- TypeLib::GetLibVersion
- TypeLib::Register
- TypeLib::UnRegister
- UserInfo::GetAccountType
- UserInfo::GetName
- VPatch::vpatchfile
- nsExec::Exec
- nsExec::ExecToLog
- nsExec::ExecToStack


Changing directory to: "G:\PortableApps\PuTTYPortable\Other\PuTTYPortableSource"

Processing script file: "G:\PortableApps\PuTTYPortable\Other\PuTTYPortableSource\PuTTYPortable.nsi"
!define: "NAME"="PuTTYPortable"
!define: "FULLNAME"="PuTTY Portable"
!define: "APP"="PuTTY"
!define: "VER"=""
!define: "WEBSITE"=""
!define: "DEFAULTEXE"="putty.exe"
!define: "DEFAULTAPPDIR"="putty"
!define: "DEFAULTSETTINGSDIR"="settings"
Name: "PuTTY Portable"
OutFile: "PuTTYPortable.exe"
Caption: "PuTTY Portable |"
VIAddVersionKey: "ProductName" "PuTTY Portable"
VIAddVersionKey: "Comments" "Allows PuTTY to be run from a removable drive. For additional details, visit"
VIAddVersionKey: "CompanyName" " (John T. Haller)"
VIAddVersionKey: "LegalCopyright" "John T. Haller"
VIAddVersionKey: "FileDescription" "PuTTY Portable"
VIAddVersionKey: "FileVersion" ""
VIAddVersionKey: "ProductVersion" ""
VIAddVersionKey: "InternalName" "PuTTY Portable"
VIAddVersionKey: "LegalTrademarks" " is a trademark of Rare Ideas, LLC."
VIAddVersionKey: "OriginalFilename" "PuTTYPortable.exe"
CRCCheck: On
WindowIcon: Off
SilentInstall: Silent
AutoCloseWindow: true
!include: "GetParameters.nsh"
Function: "GetParameters"
Push: $R0
Push: $R1
Push: $R2
Push: $R3
StrCpy $R2 "1" () ()
StrLen $R3 "$CMDLINE"
StrCpy $R0 "$CMDLINE" ($R2) ()
StrCmp "$R0" """ equal=0, nonequal=+3
StrCpy $R1 """ () ()
Goto: loop
StrCpy $R1 " " () ()
IntOp: $R2=$R2+1
StrCpy $R0 "$CMDLINE" (1) ($R2)
StrCmp "$R0" "$R1" equal=get, nonequal=
StrCmp "$R2" "$R3" equal=get, nonequal=
Goto: loop
IntOp: $R2=$R2+1
StrCpy $R0 "$CMDLINE" (1) ($R2)
StrCmp "$R0" " " equal=get, nonequal=
StrCpy $R0 "$CMDLINE" () ($R2)
Pop: $R3
Pop: $R2
Pop: $R1
!include: closed: "GetParameters.nsh"
!include: could not find: "Registry.nsh"
Error in script "G:\PortableApps\PuTTYPortable\Other\PuTTYPortableSource\PuTTYPortable.nsi" on line 58 -- aborting creation process

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You have to have the .nsi file in the same folder as the "GetParameters.nsh" and "Registry.nsh" files. So the easiest way is to edit the script in the PuTTYPortableSource folder and run it in there because all the needed files should be in there.
Or you just copy another Registry.nsh file from another app into the folder your *.nsi file is in.
Hope that helps.;-)

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figured it out

After grabbing that and a couple NSIS plugins I figured it out. Thanks!

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