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Running Portable Firefox on Multiple Systems Simultaneously?

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Running Portable Firefox on Multiple Systems Simultaneously?

I ran into portable Firefox the other day. Super work! I love the fact I can put it on my file server and then have any system on my network access and run Firefox.

However, it seems I can't run more than one session of Firefox. In other words, only one machine can run it at a time. Is this what it should be doing? Or is there capability to allow multiple computers to use it at the same time? Even if it is technically possible, would this violate any of the license terms?

Any assistance appreciated.

Ryan McCue
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Try MultipleInstances to

Try MultipleInstances to true in the ini
then move the ini into the same folder as PortableFirefox.exe
R McCue

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John T. Haller
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It can't

I'm guessing you mean running it from a shared drive on one machine and another at the same time. The answer is that you can't. Only one copy of Firefox can access a profile at a time. Firefox itself imposes this limitation so multiple copies aren't stepping on each other and overwriting each others changes to bookmarks.html, cookies.txt and the cache for instance.

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Mister V
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Multi profiles ....

The problem seems to be the use at the same time of the same profile.

So maybe if you create one profile for each machine you'll have all working fine. Than you can running Firefox with a specific parameter for each machine to use it's own profile.

Of course you won't share the profiles, but you'll share the program, that's a begining Smile

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