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WikidPad Portable

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WikidPad Portable

After searching, I found a copy of WikidPad using .paf, but when installing it, it seemed to be rather shady - it wanted administrator rights, while the regular WikidPad does not require them. This is an open-source program, and if anyone would be willing to cut the installer, make a spashscreen and turn it into a .paf, I would be really appreciative.


License: Open Source

Description: Basically, it's a wiki on a USB stick.

I am not exactly sure how to test registry entries, so I don't have information on information written to the hard drive. However, it is listed on Wikipedia's page of portable software.

Kevin Porter
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Please, post your dissatisfaction on the WikiPad Portable node. Espreon and the other developers will work on it if you ask them (probably). If it is already being worked on, do not ask for it.

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Where was this

pafed version of Wikidpad was it mine or someone elses?! I will improve my launcher it make it work better.

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