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Flash Player Question

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Flash Player Question

Alrighty... heres my situation.

I have flash player 8 installed on my Portable Firefox via NPSWF32.dll. I have version 8, but for testing purposes I want to be able to switch between flash player 8, 7, and 6 seemlessly, Is there anyway I can do this easily?

I tried deleting NPSWF32.dll for 8 and copying NPSWF32.dll for 7.. BUT it doesnt change versions, it stays with 8.

I can do this with the non portable version by uninstalling/installing different versions, but its incredibly tedious and isnt really worth the trouble.

Any Ideas on how to do this? or inputs for better ways to do it using Flash 8 Professional?


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Uninstall local

You'd need to uninstall the local version. Then you could switch the PFF version by swapping DLLs. PFF still looks to the locally installed plugins, even when you specify the plugins directory, etc. It's just the way FF itself works.

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k, awesome... worked great,

k, awesome... worked great, thanks for the advice

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