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.paf.exe format?

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Bruce Pascoe
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.paf.exe format?

Maybe I'm just not looking hard enough, but I can't seem to find anything about this. What are the specifications for the .paf.exe format? I'd like to use it for my portable CRPG, Spectacles: Bruce's Story.

Patrick Patience
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Just PAF=PortableApps Format. Comes before the .exe because it still is an exe. It's the format, like the folder-App, Data, Other. All that, and then the launcher format.


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Info in source

There is some info in the PAM source readme.txt

By default, the program expects the following directory structure:

-\ (Usually the root directory of your portable device)

I think from there the .paf is just a ResHack of a self extracting zip or 7-zip.

The .paf.exe extracts itself to the PortableApps folder then.

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Ryan McCue
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Have a look

At my post then specifically John's post.
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