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File Extensions


I have only recently been introduced to U3 and flash drives. I went to this site:

I was able to download the OpenOffice file which was openoffice_org_for_u3.u3p

The file available on this site is

I am familiar with zip files, I am not familiar with u3p extensions. Can you help me understand it?

Also... Curious. I just extracted the zip file to my hard drive, then drug it to the flash drive. I am able to open the varying programs by clicking on the


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The files hosted here are standard portable apps. You can unzip them anywhere you'd like on any drive (thumbdrive, portable hard drive, iPod, your desktop, network share) and use them as portable apps.

u3P files are U3 Program files. You can only use them on a U3-branded thumbdrive. You install them through the U3 Launchpad within Add New Software.

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