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Forum Problems


My wife registered me. I am able to login from my computer. She cannot login as me from her computer. She then registered (from her computer) under her own name and cannot login from her computer.

1. She can login as me from "my" computer, she cannot from hers.

2. She can login with her registered name and password from my computer but the information she gets is someone else's location (i.e. she is getting someone elses information?) She cannot login from her computer.

The bottomline is there is something wrong with forum logins/registrations. Some wires appear to be crossing. There is more but this is enough for now...

Anyone else having a problem with this?


John T. Haller
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It's her computer

Did you think that, perhaps, since all is fine everywhere EXCEPT her computer that her computer would be the cuplrit? There are over 3000 people registered on this site and it's only your wife's PC that has the problem.

I would guess it's a cache issue of some sort. I would suggest scanning her PC for spyware as it may have installed a spyware proxy. If you mention her login name, I can check what is set within her account as well.

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