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file compression

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file compression

Hi to all!

Well, I've tested some file compressors to use with my pendrive.

So, ther's one that works ok! It's called 7Zip ( and it's freeware.

Well, the instalation is a bit tricky but it's worth the time.

First, Install the program in your computer. Then find in thr programs file directory the 7-Zip directory. Copy the directory on your pendrive and when you want to compress or descompress, click on the 7zFM.exe.

Use & enjoy!

This program is about 2,24MB.

Saludos dequant

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I've been using it for quite

I've been using it for quite some time... but it leaves Registry entries, if you want to be picky...

Now, if only ZipGenius could be portable...

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There is an 7-Zip-"Zip-Package"

Hi dequant,

there is also a Non-Installer-ZIP-Packages of 7-Zip (but it seems to be without the GUI) Wink

Never the less - using the forum search you could find many many references to 7-Zip:

Cya Ryushi

P.S. Welcome to Smile

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