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VLC icon

Is there a way how to change VLC's icon? Cause it's kind of obvious i'm running application i shouldn't with that orange cone on tray...

Patrick Patience
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... ?

I dunno if that'll work for the tray icon too...

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I dont think

you can change the tray icon.
And the above mentioned post is only for changing firefox's icon and therefore it wont work for vlc.

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use resource hacker

run reshack

click open, browse to the directory and open up vlc.exe

in the icon group open up the tree and right click on 1033

select replace resource

click on open file with new icon

then browse to the windows media player directory and select wmplayer.exe

then click replace

All the icons should now be replaced by the mediaplayer icons (or app of your preference)

Now save the file and log off and back in to windows to refresh the icons.

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