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My 2¢ on how to get pFF the way you like it.

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My 2¢ on how to get pFF the way you like it.

If you like me you and you have a ton of extensions installed starting up FF for the first time is a pain in the but. I'm currently running 40 extensions on my local and portable copies. Im sure some of the following might be common sense or has been said before, im just to damn lazy to search. SO ... here is my 2¢ on how I get my pFF up and running.


For starters to get a easy to use list of all your local installed extensions I suggest using MR Tech's Local Install. MR Tech's Local Install will give you a list of all you extensions, Plugins and Themes that you can view in HTML and there will be links to all your extensions. There are several features of MR Tech's Local Install that are just awesome.

Step 1 - Download all the XPI's of your favorite extensions.
Step 2 - With pFF running open the extension manager
Step 3 - Drag and drop all the XPI's on to the extension manager window.

Note: if you have a slow PC or a USB 1.1 you should mindful that this may take a while. You might even want to break it up in to small batchs. I did 35 in one shot and did not have any issues, just took a while.


Do you have FF installed locally ... do you have all your extensions already installed. Well there you go. Copy your local Plugin directory to the correct directory in pFF.

:::Search Plugs:::

Same as the Plug-ins. Copy your local searchplugins directory to the correct searchplugins in pFF.


This is mostly for the FF noobs. You can do a export/import or you can just move the bookmark.html file yourself.

By default the bookmark file is located here

C:\Documents and Settings\{USERDIR}\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\XXXXX.default\bookmarks.html

Should be placed here.


:::Toolbar layout:::

Again mostly for noobs. I personally love the way I have things layed out if need be, take a screen shot and make them look the same.

Lastly, I was bored and I have turned a bunch of people onto pFF and I have been going over all this numerous times, so I figured I share with everyone.


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As far as the :::Toolbar layout:::

As far as the :::Toolbar layout::: goes there is a file in the profile dir called localstore.rdf which contains a section of the placement of stuff: currentset="back-button,forward-button,home-button,separator,menubar-items,separator,personal-bookmarks,separator,new-tab-button,urlbar-container"

This file can be saved for later use or made read only once you have it just how you prefer.

Last seen: 15 years 4 months ago
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Yea I knew about that, I was

Yea I knew about that, I was thinking more from a noob perspective. I liked how I had FF installed at home I copied the program and the user directories and took them to work so my home and work install are identical.

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