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Becoming a developer

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Becoming a developer

Could someone who has done this please tell me every last detail about the coding, syntax, and packing, I have programs such as Apophysis that I would like to have on my portable apps (which I use multiple times daily) because of my fracal art that I also do on a daily basis. I know this is alot to ask and I am being very general and vague, but if you have any info for me at all, please either post here or email me at
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You could start

by looking here or just pick a Launcher's source code (7-Zip is pretty easy) and take a look at it.

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Or use my Portable Apps

Or use my Portable Apps Creation Master.

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Need more docs

Just a comment on the Portable Apps Creator.. You need some more documentation on how to use this. I'm all for reading documentation, but if I can't grasp it in the first 90 seconds then it is shift-delete for that folder...

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