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Update system and games

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Update system and games

Hye everybody,
Just to know it will be possible for example to have an application into the portable device where PAM is installed to check if all software are up to date. Also why there is just couple of game for PAM, there's for example on a french website around portableapps and starter menu.

P.S; By the way I upgraded mozilla to but it's still in the menu and when i need to get help from the PAM, it says to me that an ohter session of mozilla is running and connot open a new one.

Thanks for your support.

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Hello, like they all say... Search BEFORE posting

There is a crapload of portable games on the Beta testing forums and a couple lurking around Sourceforge.]

As for the update system, I believe it is being developed as we speak, be paitent.

As all of ya should know Microsoft is the Evil Empire, and Windows (a.k.a. Winblows or Windoze) is their greatest general, so please make a difference and install Linux or Free BSD on yer Windows comp.

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That'd be "As We Type".

I felt so different without a signature.

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