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VLC vs Work Proxy

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VLC vs Work Proxy

I checked these forums and also posted @ No other posts here and no response @

I am trying to use VLC's stream recording capability.


  • I have a HTTP style proxy I am behind (SERVERNAME:8080)
  • The stream I want to record is a mms:*.asx format.
  • I am trying to ultimately make a DVD of a number of these streams

Is VLC capable of streaming behind a proxy?

Any suggestions on other portable or non-portable solutions?


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RE: VLC vs Work Proxy

In is described a command line setting --http-proxy in order to input the proxy address to VLC. However, is it possible in the portable version? Anybody could give an example (that works) of the command line? (I'm confused because inside the vlc-help.txt file obtained with "vlcportable.exe --longhelp --advanced --help-verbose" is not appeared an '=' character between --http_proxy and the proxy address, unlike which it appears in the site I mentioned above)
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VLC vs Work Proxy Solution

I was struggling with this at work today and managed to get it to work with the portable version using this command to open the player. (start > run if your on windows).

Try the following. With the quotes...
"C:\Portable Apps\VLCPortable\VLCPortable.exe" --http-proxy=myusername:mypassword@SERVERNAME:8080

Our proxy server requires a username and password so if your does not you can probably skip the "myusername:mypassword@" part.

I then had to save the .pls file (or .asx or whatever your using) then open it up with the instance of vlc that I had just opened from the command line. It appears that the proxy settings will only exist in the instance that was opened from the command line. I.e. if you double click the .pls, .asx, etc file and it opens another instance of VLC it won't work.

Maybe I just didn't look hard enough, but I was surprised that there weren't any proxy settings in the options and googling it didn't turn up much.

Let me know if that works for you.

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If you use it

more often you could use the ini file to pass the proxy info to vlc at all times.
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I get unable to open "radio stream address here" for almost all

I am at work trying to use VLC-Portable so I don't have to install WINAMP. Almost every online Shoutcast radio station that I have tried is not connecting??? Can anyone help me? I wasn't able to use Pidgin either until I ssh'd into my home linux server, and while doing that I created a auto dynamic tunnel for port 7070 and no destination portw within putty. Then within Pidgin's settings, I told it to use SOCKS5 proxy, host was and port was 7070 and then I was able to connect to all my IM accounts. Do I need to do something similar. I thought maybe but when I looked within the Prefs, Settings, there's no place to enter a SOCKS5 proxy? ANy help please?
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correct. here is how...
  1. Navigate to your VLCPortable directory.
  2. Open VLCPortable\Data\Settings\VLCPortable.ini in notepad or equivalent
  3. Add the AdditionalParameters replacing anything in the with your actual information.


Your file should look similar to this...

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It works great! Thank you

It works great! Thank you very much.

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