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PuTTY: Plink

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PuTTY: Plink

I've always used Plink to create my SSH tunnels when tunneling my HTTP traffic from firefox. Is it possible to add Plink to the PortableApps menu or will it only add official PortableApps there?

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The menu

will pick up every exe you put in a folder next to it (i.e. if the menu is /blabla/PortableApps Menu, the App has to be /blabla/Appname/app.exe).
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mmmm... I think he is requesting to make the app portable...

Can you provide a link to the app please?

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Sure, it's the same site

Sure, it's the same site that I've downloaded Putty from in the past.

It's just a command line tool, and maybe I can accomplish the same thing using Putty. I'm just not sure.

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The regular plink will work

The regular plink will work just fine.. IF PuTTYPortable is started first. Otherwise, nothing is loaded into the registry (most importantly, the host key is not cached)

That's why a portable plink would be nice.


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Could plink just be coded to work on its own? No need to load PuttyPortable first? Kinda like PortaPutty but more current.


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