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Open-Source Only Please!

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Open-Source Only Please!

Haven't you noticed already that all the applications on this web site are open-source? Thats because poor John Haller can't just go and take the source of some big commercial program, say anything by Microsoft and modify it so it fits on a small drive. If he does, he risks huge lawsuits, because huge companies, again like Micosoft, want to make money off of their products, and just won't let anyone distribute their programs freely. So please, if you are to propose something , propose something thats opensource and stop posting junk in this section.


Ryan McCue
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Three problems

1) John didn`t modify the source of anything.
2) We have made closed source apps portable
3) Don`t tell people what to do
R McCue

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ditto, don't tell people what to do, unless of course you're telling them to not use ie Smile kthx

emusicman (not verified)

As a Usability Engineer I think if it is one thing we can all learn from users it is that each and every one of their opinions matter. Here, if someone asks for MS-Money to be ported...and if enough people ask for such programs...someone should say "Well, we cant do that...but we could do it with this other financial app."

As engineers or programmers it's our duty to take user ideas, filter them through engineering/programming possibilities, and make an end product.

Ah yes, and that is all completely aside from the apparent elitist attitude and trying to force your opinion onto others.


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