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Closing OpenOffice on different computer

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Closing OpenOffice on different computer

I recently successfuly set up the current version of PortableApps on a friend's computer. I demonstrated the portability by plugging his flash drive into my own notebook computer. Foolishly, I must have unplugged the drive without closing OpenOffice. Now when he launches the flashdrive on his own computer, the portableapps menu says "Doug should close on host 'notebook' before continuing."

Since we do not live close to each other, I'd like to fix the problem without taking my notebook computer back to his home. Is there a way that he can eliminate this message? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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To make sure

that your OOO doesn't have corrupted files, I would install a fresh copy over the old one.
If the message still pops up, I dont know what to do.
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Look for "Lock" file and delete it

Maybe you got lucky and it's only the temporary lock file that is still present. Look for a file named "lock" in the settings folder and delete just that file. There should only be a "readme" file and then a "user" folder. It should be somewhere like this:


Next time... You may have to use the "remove usb" icon in the tool tray more than once before it says "Ok." OOo make take some time to fully shut down and finish cleaning up (maybe the usb has a indicator light but they're sometimes hard to see).

And, if you used that portableapps menu, that menu must be properly exited using the "x" in its lower right corner or you won't get the "Ok" either. It gets invisible automatically, but that's not good enough. If its silver icon is still in the tool tray then the menu is still running. Click the icon to unhide the menu.


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