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Toucan.. son of sam?

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Toucan.. son of sam?

Sorry for the Green Jello reference...

I really like toucan, and what its going to allow me to do, hopefully this little app continues to mature.

A few things I have noted.
The progress window, while allowing itself to be resized, the actual text box inside the window does not resize with the window.

Having the ability to enable encryption of a backup file after the backup is completed, would be very nice indeed, as I tend to backup my drive to both my home machine, and my work machine, and really like the idea of having this file encrypted by default. Even a simple radio button like the others on the backup tab would be sufficient.

The command line options rock, except for the fact that I have really no idea if they are actually running or not. Even a little window with a moving icon or something to let me know that toucan accepted my command line option and is processing it, or an error message stating that something was wrong would be very advantageous. For example; I tried for 20 minutes to get the command line backup to run, only to find out that the command line was working, it was the fact that toucan was unable to obtain a lock on the backup file (locked by a hung previous process) that was causing the error.

The built-in variables @drive@ and @docs@ are very useful, but might I suggest the inclusion of some of the common windows environment variables such as %UserProfile%, etc

I can not for the life of me figure out what the portable variable are for, unless I can use them for things like %UserProfile%... hmm hadn't thought of that, will have to give that a shot

Thanks for the hard work...

Steve Lamerton
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you like it. I didn't actually realise that the progress window could be resized, I'll make sure that the text box resizes as well in the next version Smile As for encryption to the backup file, that's definitely also coming in the next version.

The command line is the part of Toucan that should get the most work for 1.2 all of that and more should be included (it must sound like I'm just agreeing with all of these point, but I actually already have most of this on my big list if things to add). As for parsing Windows environment variables, I hadn't thought of that, I'll see what I can do. I'll also write some tutorials on Portable Variables as I'm away next week.


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Last seen: 15 years 6 months ago
Joined: 2006-09-08 19:52
Thanks for the reply, and

Thanks for the reply, and glad to hear you have plans for this little app.

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