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Command Line Backup Freezing

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Command Line Backup Freezing

I've been using Toucan for about 2 weeks now, the beta obviously before this most recent official release. Anyway, I posted a similar question on the beta forum 2 or so weeks ago. That problem has been fixed in the new version, but another one has come up. So here are the details...

I'm trying to create a kind of automatic backup solution. So far I have a batch script set up when PA starts. Part of this script asks if you want to back up your portable drive. I've created a job called "wholedrive" (without quotes of course). I've run the job manually by pressing "Go" in the GUI and it works fine. In the batch file I make the following call:

PortableApps\Toucan\Toucan wholedrive

This runs for about 20 minutes or so (I'm backing up 800M of data to a share over a network). but then all progress seems to halt. I'v examined the resulting zip file but it can't be open because it's invalid or corrupted. I'm assuming the file just hasn't been closed yet by Toucan since it's stuck on something. The file size is about 610M and the Toucan process is still running in the background. Note that I left this running overnight as well...

Anyway that is the situation. Any help is appreciated.


Ryan McCue
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I believe that it's a command line issue and that Steve had a fix or he was going to fix it when he did an overhaul of the command line stuff.
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an overhaul of the command line is coming in the next version.


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