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Firefox leaves a trail

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Firefox leaves a trail

I've found another instance of PortableApps being not quite invisible. If you download an image using r-click in Firefox, then the image shows up in the Recent directory on the host machine (as in Start -> Documents -> list of recent documents).

Can anything be done to stop this happening?

(Other instances include Sumatra .pdf's that also show up in Recent: I was told -- probably true, I'm not complaining -- that this is controlled by Sumatra, and not by PortableApps. On the other hand, OpenOffice documents do *not* show up in Recent after accessing them. Could this useful invisibility be rendered universal, or is it really application-specific?)

Is this the right place to report this issue?


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That's a Windows issue. Any file you open, it doesn't matter what you use to open it, will show up in the "recent documents". You can always clear the list by Right-clicking on "start", choose "Properties" and on the "Start Menu" tab click on "Customize". Now, on the "Advanced" tab, click on "Clear list" at the bottom of the window.
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Trail in Recent Documents

When I do this it still has a trail in the Recent Documents even though it doesn't show up at the desktop it will show up in the applications when you open a file it shows a Recent Document list. I read in another forum somewhere that if you download and run MS tweakUI and run it you can disable the Recent Document function. From what I understand, and I may well be wrong, is that XP stores Recent Documents paths in the registry. When you disable it through the Start>Properties>StartMenu>Customize tab you just disable it from being displayed in certain places, but the info is still there, and may show up elsewhere. Disabling the function altogether may break some programs, as they want to return to last place visited, and may make some programs harder to use. I suppose it depends on how secure you want to make the system. Would it be possible to to make it so that when the portableapps system starts up you have an option to disable the registry recorder (mimicking what MS TweakUI does) and replace as previous when it exits?

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It is not the intent/design/desire of PortableApps apps to be stealth. Rather convenient/easy/portable without damaging/harming/changing the host's system. Windows records things, it's what it does. If you're doing things you don't want the owner of the host to know, maybe you shouldn't be doing them. Smile


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maybe there is an open source disk cleanup ...

that does what you want. I know I've seen programs do disk cleanups mucking with the recycle bin, disk defrag, remove temp files, etc. Maybe there is one that does the Recent Documents as well.

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Its Windows. Typically, only known file-types will show up in "recent documents", which is why OOo docs don't show up unless you have a local install.
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How To DisableRecent Documents.
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Choose to save the image in

Choose to save the image in your profile/local settings/temp folder and it won't be show up in recent folder.


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