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AbiWord - Wow!

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AbiWord - Wow!

I used PortableAbiWord this morning to type a paper at school. I must say I'm impressed. I like it a lot better than MS Word!

Thanks (for all of the wonderful work you're done) Mr. Haller!

John T. Haller
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Thanks the AbiWord folks, too

They've done an awesome job on AbiWord over the years. Lots of additional options with plugins, too.

I just made it portable Smile

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

kingsfield (not verified)

Overall, I think AbiWord's the best word processer out there, far better than MS Word! If I could program in anything but BASIC and Java, then I'd help with the project, but I'm only an entry-level programmer. I'll be taking some C++ and VBasic classes pretty soon, and have been fiddling with FORTRAN, COBOL, and Perl.

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There are many ways to help

There are many ways to help without actually writing code:

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Thank ! It's my favorite

Thank ! It's my favorite editor

345 portable applications:

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Convert me please!

I liked AbiWord in a number of ways but i stopped using it for the following reasons:
- can't print to pdf writer (in my case PrimoPDF)
- slow to load
- when fonts are changed it seems to need to reload the application taking a while which is irritating when one is preparing a document.
- claims to read Word files but doesn't seem to convert word documents with tables/frames (i had to go back to using my copy of Word97 which still reads later versions but saves as w97 which is ok). OpenOffice is better in this respect but then lacks/has certain other quirks/bugs or whatever.
- table presentation is still along way behind Word97 which was in turn a long way behind Lotus WordPro 97. (I currently use OO Calc as a spreadsheet but revert to WordPro for WP). I'd rather replace it with Abiword or OO writer.

I'd be keen to use AbiWord but it seems to fall short on some of the basics. I can only assume that it falls short due to being designed for different platforms. Anyone who can help put me right with the above i'd be grateful to hear from.

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I would totally switch to

I would totally switch to Abiword if it had Fontwork/word art

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