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i'm having a problem with the connect on gimp

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i'm having a problem with the connect on gimp

hello i'm having a problem with gimp portable for my flash drive. i been trying to see if i can conntect at the library where i'm at. it say's i unable to connect to yahoo. could u tell me why this is happening? i know i'm using a public pc, don't have the inerntet. i still like my setting sto be the way i want. is there by any chance can u help me setting up gimp for any pc even f it is using a secure pc?

help me thank you

reply asap. if u know away.

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How can you

connect to yahoo with Gimp?
I thought Gimp is a grafic program...
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There's a place to "Open

There's a place to "Open Location" (File --> Open location)...what it's for, I don't know. Maybe that's what this person is trying to do :shrugs:

The help file is missing from the app so I just can't go look what that does.

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Gimp help is online

Where I found:

"The Open Location dialog lets you load an image from a network location, specified by a URI, in any of the formats that GIMP supports, or from a path to your hard disk or any drive. The default directory name is /home// on Linux and C:\Documents and Settings\\My Documents\My Images\ on Windows, which is used as the base of the relative address. You can also enter an absolute path."

On a public computer server paths would be cut off.

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Isn't there a GIMP support

Isn't there a GIMP support forums to begin with. Though it sounds like he is talking about GAIM. Which there is also a support forum also...


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