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Common Application Runner

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Common Application Runner

Hi there.
I'm portable-addicted Wink and I use others apps on my USB-stick - skype, PSI, Total Commander, Private Data and many more. Sometimes i had problems with run them from it - it was many .exe files in directory, application must have som params or environment variables set berore it is run.
So I developed a small application that runs other application (that supposed to be a portable one) from (for example) App directory.
I can configure all application parameters and define Environment vars before run.
I found it very helpfull, so - If You thing it's interesting, I could publish it.

So - what do You think about it?

----- (update: 2007-08-08) -----

I found some time to publish my work. It could be found

+++ HERE +++

I'm waiting for Your opinions, and woul'd be gratefull for Your english corrections.

Have a fun.

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Sounds good, but you would

Sounds good, but you would have to make your source code fully available too.
I don't believe in signatures

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Source code

I'll think about it. Now I need some time to create some documentation and find some place to host it. I'll inform You soon about it. Thank You all.

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I'm interested too.

I'm interested too.

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This is a great utility, amazing work. And I just realized the splash screen is completely configurable too, that's amazing, I don't know how you did it, but I'll have to look into it.

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Works great!

I've got it working with OpenProj & UnxUtils.

2 minor suggestions (forgive me if they are already covered!):
1. Customizable icon in the PAM
2. RunApp.ini - If I rename RunApp.exe, it would be nice to have the ini the same as the .exe (i.e. OpenProj.exe & OpenProj.ini)

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