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Zotero Plugin in OOo Portable

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Zotero Plugin in OOo Portable

Can't seem to install this plugin on Portable OOo, though it works fine on local versions (eg Feisty).

I'm able to almost complete installation, but then I get the following error:

com.sun.loader.Python cannot be instantiated

I'm not sure what that means, or what to try next. Anyone thought of trying this yet?

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I don't know if this will

I don't know if this will help or further confuse the issue:
This plugin is written in JavaScript, according to the online documentation. The first question is, "Is Java installed on your portable?" Also, I'm guessing the installer is written in Python (a programming language), which seems to be generating this error message.

I'd suggest contacting the author of the plugin for the conditions that might cause the error message.

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Actually, Java != JavaScript. JavaScript only has a similar name since it's syntax is based on Java. They are, however, 2 completely different languages.
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Python has been removed from

Python has been removed from OpenOffice Portable.

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Do not know if this will be

Do not know if this will be helpful for you, but there is an (official) OOP version with Python available here (the file with 'mp' in its name)

But beware, it is in german...

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A workaround

On the Zotero user forums, mc has reported that it is possible to add Python back into an OOo Portable installation by copying over Python-related files from a downloaded copy of regular OOo. See:

So this is something that people who want to use Zotero (or other extensions depending on Python and the UNO-Python bridge) with OOo Portable might try.

I wonder if it would be possible for the Python libraries, etc., to be built and/or packaged as an add-on for OOo Portable? That might be something to think about, especially if more extensions requiring Python are released for OOo or if more people start using the ones that do exist. Thanks!

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As suggested, copying all

As suggested, copying all the python-related files from the "program" directory of a full OOo installation (2.2.1) worked for me. The Zotero extension installed just fine.

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