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Thunderbird portable & Thunderbird

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Thunderbird portable & Thunderbird

I have installed Thunderbird on my pc and I want to use Thunderbird portable for being able to download the mail to the job, is possible then sincronizzare the messages of a program with the other?

Ryan McCue
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It is possible with tools which syncronise them, but from my experience it's a whole lot easier to use IMAP if possible.
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thanks, from where I can

thanks, from where I can download the tool?

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IMAP is not a tool. It's a

IMAP is not a tool. It's a mail protocol, similar to POP,SMTP. Instead of downloading the messages, you manipulate them directly on the mail server using this protocol. Most ISPs only provide POP and SMTP access though.

Something similar to what you are looking for has been discussed before: (syncing thunder)

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Make sure you are OK leaving your e-mail -

Make sure you are OK leaving your e-mail up on the server.
Many servers have a size limit, so be aware of all their rules regarding how they deal with exceeding that limit.

As slday said, most service providers only POP/SMTP (Post Office Protocol, for incoming mail, and Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, for outgoing mail).

As for IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), these type of e-mail accounts are available for free from a lot of places, like Google, Yahoo, and Hotmail. A good advantage of these type of accounts is that you can switch or drop your provider and keep the same e-mail.
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I don't know

If this do that, but yesterday I found this...

Just try it...

[Link updated by moderator JTH. Please link to an app's real homepage, not an entry in a directory website.]

[Ooppss!!! sorry, I just copy the "permalink" from the page, because it have the instructions to make it portable, if the App needs to be installed... Sad ]

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Search 4 profile sync.

and hit the one that is listed Profile Sync.
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