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removing a startmenu shortcut?

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removing a startmenu shortcut?


I have installed InfraRecorder on my PortableApps usb drive. The app uses an .exe file called 'ckEffects Application' which has pinned itself to the PortableApps start menu. How can I remove it from the start menu without removing it from the app's folder?

Ryan McCue
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You can't yet, unless you use an unofficial mod from the forums, which you should note is officially unsupported.
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Thanks for your help.

Thanks for your help.

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Use infrarecorder portable ,

there´s a ß in the ß-testing forum .You may find it with the search button above on the right .If you don´t mind it´s a ß, install it with the suite ( options : install new app ...),then your unwanted .exe will disappear...

(...or,if you want to try out: install infrarecorder portable, replace the folder "infrarecorder" within %root%\PortableApps\InfraRecorderPortable\App\ by a copy of your folder.You may renew the settings manually after launching the app or by replacing the contents of %root%\PortableApps\InfraRecorderPortable\Data\settings by your settings.xml.Remove the .ini,it will be renewed after the first launch.)

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you could...

place the .exe in a subfolder, the PAM only looks for the .exe files in the app folder, not subfolders. the only thing is that you may have to put the .exe back into the original directory to use the program, otherwise, this is a quikfix<(TM(sergentsiler)that doesent really modify the program.

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