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error logging in 262 in TB

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error logging in 262 in TB

hi guy's
sens 4 days i con not retrieve any message anymore Hotmail or gmail don't why
this is the error log

Hotmail-SR: loginHandler : Exception : Error.
Error message: error logging in

can any one help me

John T. Haller
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Not Related

This isn't related to Thunderbird Portable. It's probably an issue with the webmail extension or hotmail itself (which doesn't technically support using outside mail clients). I'd suggest posting over on the webmail extension site.

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2 things

EDIT: John beat me to it.

I noticed from one of your previous posts that you upgraded recently. Are you using the WebMail Extension? See here first:

If that is not the issue then please let us know the following:
TBPE Version?
Flash Drive Hardware?
Connection type?

This sounds more like a TB issue than a TBPE issue. You might seek help at the mozilla forums.

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Patrick Patience
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For hotmail, I think they changed there login page in the past couple days, that could be the reason, I'm not sure though, I dunno how the extension logs in.

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