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Running portable and local

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Running portable and local

Does anyone know how you can run both Firefox Portable and local Firefox at the same time? I tried changing the .exe names so that the image name is different but it doesn't let you run it twice.

thanks for you help.

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You can do that,but

it´s not recommended. There´s plenty of answers on this site, just use the search button above. Wink e.g.
you´ll find some more information in your portable firefox at %drive%\portableApps\firefoxportable\other\firefoxPortableSource - the readme and the .ini file are explaned in the node above.

I don´t quite get your intention on running both instances at the same time.
So, if You simply want to use the same extensions etc just copy the contents of your local profile folder into ... data\profile of your portable.

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Start the portable version

Start the portable version first, then use -no-remote Command Line switch to start the local Firefox. That switch will override the parent.lock file in the version that is already running - the "safety switch" that keeps a 2nd version from being launched.


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