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Version numbering

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Version numbering

There seem to be two schools of thought out there. One has version numbering follow the original app. The other uses a portable version for numbering.

The most common way seems to be the original app numbering.

There also seems to be differences on alpha, beta, RC, or PRE-RELEASE.

Any thoughts?


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3rd school

There is another school... It is never used... but it is the better...

The original app numbering followed by the Portable App numbering.


Version 3.14 1.03 RC1
         /|\   /|\
          |     |
       Original |

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Always based on the app

All official apps tie version numbers to the underlying app that's being made portable. So, GIMP Portable 2.2.17 is a portable package of GIMP 2.2.17. Doing otherwise makes no sense and will only confuse the end user. For testing, we use "Pre-Release 1", 2, etc after the number to indicate a test release.

If an update is needed between releases of the base application (bug fix or important feature addition), revisions are created. Nvu Portable 1.0 Revision 4, for example.

The version numbers resported in appinfo.ini (that will be used in the next stable release of the Menu/Platform) follow the above philosophy. The DisplayVersion is the one posted on the site (" Revision 5", for example) and the PackageVersion is one used internally that must be in w.x.y.z format. For revisions of apps that use all four version numbers (like Firefox), multiply the last by ten and then add in the revision number... so " Revision 5" would have a PackageVersion of

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To summarize

Alpha, beta, RC should only be used for original apps.

Original app version with PRE-RELEASE for testing.

I kinda figured that, but wanted to make it a forum topic because we seem to have many different version numbering out there. (I am guilty also).

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The version number on the launcher is the launcher's version number (logical, eh?). The most recent are somewhere around
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