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Wallpaper Swapper

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Wallpaper Swapper

I am sure this might have been asked before(but search results returned nothing) but u3 has a cool program that swaps the computers wallpaper with yours and when you leave unswaps it.

I did a good search of wallpaper swapper and I found on this site something about it being in the new menu but I could not locate it in the menu 1.1 once I downloaded.

This is one of the only things keeping me to u3 and I would like to change.

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PAM V1.2 will include this

PAM V1.2 will include this func. read John's 1st post in the PAM 1.2 beta thread to find out how

John T. Haller
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Built In

It's already built in to the Platform 1.1 Beta 4 release. All you need to do is: Place a file call portableapps_wallpaper.bmp in your Documents\Pictures directory and the menu will swap it for the Windows wallpaper while the menu is running and swap it back when you close it. Nice and easy. No extra programs required.

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Also the PAM Mod.

I would recommend using the PAM Mod. It has a ton of features including a wallpaper swapper.

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Nothing Found? :P

It's the second find for Wallpaper Swapper. Blum

But I suppose you may have been confused as it's called the Platform apposed to the Menu.

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A Suggestion

instead of having just one wallpaper could not the PAM search the Documents\Pictures folder and randomly select a picture and swap it.Cause it would be nice if we have many different wallpapers which we like.
we could have a Documents\My Wallpapers Folder which the PAM Indexes

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Kinda Sounds

Like a fun idea, I dunno, you'll have to ask the lead PAM Developer.

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I say have a wallpaer folder

I say have a wallpaer folder under pictures.

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Yes! Then either a Wallpaper

Yes! Then either a Wallpaper rightclick menu item could be added with Enable/Disable at the top and below that a list of all wallpapers in the folder or a Wallpaper section in the Settings dialog if John decides to go with a dialog.

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