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Converting Apps

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Converting Apps

How do you change a regular app, say (opera),or any other app to a portable app? Why, because I'm trying to get my opera browser to save it's history etc.inside of the usb stick and not the computer!

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Did you read the Development page?

Did you read the page you get from the "Development" menu above?

Overview: we make a launcher with NSIS that sets up the application to run "portable". If you can't make the app stop writing to the registry or system disk (e.g. with a command line switch or other option), the NSIS launcher can move the data from the registry or disk to the USB stick, or maybe just delete it, after the app exits. If the info is important to the app (e.g. preferences) the NSIS launcher can copy the preferences to where the app expects them before launching the app.

There are two types of Portable Apps: those that are open source with an appropriate license, which this site is all about, and those that aren't. The techniques work just as well (which is to say, a bit kludgy sometimes) for each, though you'll get more detailed examples and assistance for the open source apps.


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