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Pidgin: ALT + numeric code disabled?

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Pidgin: ALT + numeric code disabled?


I'm wondering if you for some reason have disabled the ability to insert unicode characters like å ä ö by holding ALT and entering a code on the numerical keyboard (134, 132 and 148 respectively) or if this is a limitation of the underlying API.

I would really appreciate it if this functionality was added, although I know I'm not one to make requests or demands of any kind. Blum
Still, I find it quite a handy trick when you're away from your beloved keyboard..

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Should be the same

Check with the Pidgin developers.

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Most Likely a GTK+ Issue

The same issue happens with GIMP, which shares the GTK+ runtime with GAIM/Pidgin.

The only workaround I've found is to pull up the character map ( Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Character Map). Then find the character you want & do a copy-n-paste job into Pidgin (or GIMP).

It's annoying/frustrating if you have to do multiple non-standard characters, but it's better than nothing.

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