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Tymer Portable (Rehearsal Timer Software)

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Tymer Portable (Rehearsal Timer Software)

Tymer Portable is a freeware rehearsal timer application for performers, public speakers, or anyone that needs an event timer. Feel free to download it at [Link removed by moderator RM: See below for an explanation. Additionally, do not include the target attribute. It does nothing as it is automatically stripped. No divs either :P].

The program is very simple to use.

I wrote the application to know when to time comedy sets..

To install the portable version, just unzip the file into the PortableApps directory

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Same thing i said about your other app.

Unless your software is released under an open source code license, preferably the GPL, this post will be considered self promotion. I suggets you look into the GPL and make a decision to either release the source code under the GPL, or if you keep it closed source, remove the link.

A moderator may take the link down temporarily until you respond.

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