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Sync/backup bookmarks and settings etc.

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Sync/backup bookmarks and settings etc.

I am new to PortableApps and have some questions.

I have moved Firefox and Thunderbird profiles to FF Portable and TB Portable, and it works. But is there an easy way to keep bookmarks, settings, mail etc updated on the portable FF and TB? Also the other way around, if I add a new bookmark to FFP how can I sync this to FF? Or if I download a new mail to TBP how can I sync this to TB?


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you can sync:
- cookies
- passwords
- history
- position of tabs and windows
- bookmarks
between two or more FF. (I know nothing about TB)

For first four you can use great extension "Google browser sync" (but it have problem with bookmark sync so...)

...For bookmarks is best choice "Foxmarks".
On each FF have to be installed both extension.

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Sync/backup bookmarks and settings etc.

Thank you so much Smile

I will have a look at both of them.

If other users have other suggestions please feel free to share.

Again thanks Smile

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They're right, Foxmarks does

They're right, Foxmarks does a great job of keeping your bookmarks synced between machines.
Consider Gmail. No copying needed between machines, and you can set it to POP if you want. Also, you don't have to change your address if you switch ISP's.


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best thing I've found for

best thing I've found for syncing bookmarks is an extension called foxymarks works great it uploads your bookmarks to a server and all you have to do is install the extension and confirm your login details. Saved me the other month when y ipod was stolen and I lost 5000 or so bookmarks recovered them all from the server.

Not sure about thunderbird but am also curious can I sync my emails and address book through thunderbird

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Why not

just use the "search" feature of this forum? since this have been posted and answered many many times before...

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thunderbird syncing to what?

So you have TB Portable installed on multiple computer and you want to sync those various copies? I am asking, because I have TB Portable on my USB key, and so I have it always up to date since I use that one installation of it on multiple computers. Now if you do have it on multiple computers, as I have in the past, you can set the mail to be IMAP, which would sync your mail up no matter where you login.

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