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Portable GIMP won't start - intl.dll was not found

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Portable GIMP won't start - intl.dll was not found

Before you respond that this is a known issue, it isn't the same as the one listed. I don't have any version of GTK installed. The only other intl.dll I have is part of BitTorrent and even replacing one with the other doesn't solve the problem.

Any ideas?

John T. Haller
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Doesn't need to be installed

The issue is a GTK conflict. It can occur with:
1. A different version installed
2. A partially corrupted version installed
3. GTK that was uninstalled previously (perhaps as a part of another app... you may not have even known it was installed) but that didn't completely remove all the registry keys or left the environment variable.

There are other possibilities as well. In short, a virgin install of 98, 2k or XP will play nicely with Portable GIMP. So will one with a correct version of GTK installed. But some other things mess it up... and I'm still trying to determine what, why and how to fix it.

So, try the fix. And the other fix mentioned in the other thread.

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