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trial version of u3s

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trial version of u3s

where does the trial version u3 apps store the information that blocks me to reinstalling or updating?

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U3 Forum

Some here might be able to help you, but this forum area is for U3 apps that supports like FF and TB. Both of which are no longer developed.

You might try here:

You also might try giving more info on what you need. Your questions is rather vague.

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Just to be clear,

You are asking us to tell you how to get around a legitimate software vendors right to give you a trial of a program and then require pay you to continue to use it?

I am not sure that we in good conscience should give out that kind of information. If you want to use commercial software you should pay for it.

Also, if we were to reveal a simple method to do this the vendor could merely change it in the next version so we could not do it anymore because we made the information public.

That being said.

1. In some cases it is not possible as U3 allows the use of a supercookie [it is a hidden cookie that the program writes to the portion of the drive which is not accessible to the user (you can not see it on the CD portion of the drive or the data portion of the drive)].

2. In some cases you are required to register online. In order to continue to use the program you would need to uninstall the program, reinstall it, and register again giving different information.

3. In some cases the vendor sends you an unlocked version of the trial version after you have paid for it.

4. In some cases the trial is activated by using certain features of the program. If you do not use those features the trail doesn't start as far as the program is concerned. [after you use those feature see 1,2, and 3 above]

5. Sometimes the trial version writes data to the host and reads it on each use. You will notice this on a program where the trial expires on one machine and starts from scratch on another machine. You would need to find where the program stores that data host [this will vary from program to program].

6. In some cases uninstalling and reinstalling is sufficient

The above will vary from program to program. I have found examples of each. You can not get around point 1. [Even if you format the data partition of the drive.]

If you want to go through the work involved in all this, more power to you. You will have the honor of calling yourself a geek and will have earned the right, in my opinion, to the unrestricted use of the program. If not you ask yourself if the program is that important to you and if so send the vendor their well earned $15 dollars. Well earned I say because they have written a program you really enjoy and want. They have earned the money their time and programing skills deserve.

That is why this site is for open source software, it's free, and not only can you "hack" it, but you are encouraged to do so Blum

Good Luck in earning your geek badge Smile
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what if...

what if his intentions were to remove trial software that had expired? Meaning he could not delete the trialware?

Portable apps pwnage

Tim Clark
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That is not his

That is not his intention.
But even if it were, software, trial or not is easy to remove from U3.

Things have got to get better, they can't get worse, or can they?

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since it is illegal than you can get the answers from me at [Moderator RM: You seriously think you can offer illegal stuff via email, without us noticing? (You could just be referring to the fact that you can't post it on these forums, in which case you should have said that)]

i can reserch it but you wont find anything here or at the official u3 forums.

it is also not recommended that you mess around within the u3 launchpad. althogh Smithys page might yeild something. otherwise i will see what i can do if you email me with the subjectline as your username.


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If it is illegal....

...why try to pursue it anyway?

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