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view Japanese fonts and input Japanese on non-Japanese computers

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view Japanese fonts and input Japanese on non-Japanese computers

So I have many Japanese friends in Europe and when we use computers at shops many times they do not support Japanese so it is hard to communicate. So, I am looking for a way I can bring my own fonts and input method. There are a few programs that can do something like this but they are very expensive. I have been using most of my portable apps with Mojo pack, which lets you install programs directly into your usb key or whatnot. That way I can use a non portable app on a usb key. Does anyone have any ideas about how to do this?

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Not Many Options

You can only show Japanese characters in many programs if the operating system itself supports Japanese. Windows XP and under don't ship with that support.

Something like Mojopac won't work since you won't be able to use it in any computer shops (it requires an admin login which they definitely won't give you).

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