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can u plz host the xerobank browser on this site? it is a changed-name torpark, and torpark is (or was) open source. so can u still do it? the application is made portable allready. i was just hoping john could make it "PAM Compatable" for the non programmers of this community. ohh yeah, discription, :a browser to get around web filters at schools and libraries.

P.S I love what youve done with portable apps.

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First of all, Torpark/Xerobank is not true opensource, since the TESLA is not GPL compatible or OSI approved. They may claim it is FOSS but it is not.
Second of all I think the Tp/Xb launcher is based off of John's FF launcher and Tp/Xb is licensed under TESLA, which is not GPL compatible (John's launchers are GPLed I believe).
In addition they are violating Mozilla since they are using the FF binaries with the FF branding and forking FF...

So basically Tp and Xb have lots of legal issues.

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