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VLC: Unable to delete installed folder from my flash drive

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VLC: Unable to delete installed folder from my flash drive

I installed VLC portable player in my flash drive. It got corrupt for unknown reasons. So, I tried to delete it to install a fresh copy. But it won't let me delete the folder. It says, "Can't remove folder plugins:directory is not empty". Please, help me out.

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Reboot + CHKDSK

The drive probably has logical errors on it. Reboot the PC. Plug the drive in. And check it for errors (right-click in Explorer, Properties, Tools tab).

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Also, look for any files in

Also, look for any files in that folder, like another level down or a thumbs.db that has become hidden. You may have to delete them from the bottom up.

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Use Eraser Portable

It deleted everything windows wouldn't.

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