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Adobe Acrobat Reader 8

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Adobe Acrobat Reader 8

Hi, I realize that there is already a 'lightweight' PDF reader however i am the type of person who justs likes the 'brand name' software... so anyone who can do this for me it would be greatly appreciated Thanks heaps in advance

p.s. if u have a link or once this has been achieved if you could email me at that would be great thanks again


Patrick Patience
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I believe there's already been requests for Adobe Reader.

However, it's closed source, and I'm sure Adobe would have issues with a unofficial portable version being created, as it's gotta be trademarked, too.

I know SumatraPDF isn't all that feature rich as Reader, but some new cool features are coming, and it is s'posed to be lightweight.

So I'm afraid it's really what your stuck with for now.

PDF reader software is very limited as Adobe Reader comes installed on almost every machine bought these days, so their are no good alternatives to look to.

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about commercial software, this is not a warez webpage...

If you don't like Sumatra (I don't like it either), then try Foxit Reader Portable

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and there´s a launcher for it..

packed as a portable app; just unpack the .zip file from above into the "foxit" folder.

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"brand name"

If that is what you are looking for then you will not find that here.

Most "brand name" software is closed source.

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