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Firefox window will not open

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Firefox window will not open

I have PortableFirefox installed on a network drive at work so that I can access it from any station. I had been using it for a week or so, frustrated with how slow it would open, when suddenly I would not open at all anymore.

When I open PortableFirefox the splash screen comes up and it thinks for a minute and then nothing else happens. If I open the task manager I find firefox.exe running as a process instead of an application.

I did put a link to it in my startup folder, could that be confusing it somehow?

Can anyone help?


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I have this same problem.

I have this same problem. No solution unfortunately. I call it a "ghost launch." I click, I see the splash screen, I see it register a process, yet I see now windows. LOL I even tried forcefully bringing it to the front (if it were such the case that it was "hiding" in the background) via sysinternal's Process Explorer, but it complains that the process has no windows or something to that effect. I am dumbfounded.

Ryan McCue
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Wait for a bit. It takes awhile.
However, over time, I have learnt that most members have tryed this already. I have no idea why this is happening.
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Wonder how I can make my own

Wonder how I can make my own portable firefox, but have non upx compressed files...I'm thinking it's the upx that kills the loading problem that we have when trying to run it from a network drive.

any thoughts?

Bruce Pascoe
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Portable Firefox is not UPX-compressed anymore. It hasn't been since 1.0.7.

John T. Haller
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FF is not compressed

The copy of Firefox within Portable Firefox is not UPX compressed. Mozilla does not permit modified binaries to be distributed.

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