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GIMP v2.2.11 Released [2006-04-13]

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GIMP v2.2.11 Released [2006-04-13]

Gimp v2.2.11 has been released, news for everybody and those who may be coding it over to portable status Smile w00t.

Bugs fixed in GIMP 2.2.11

- fixed handling of EXIF data in JPEG plug-in (bug #303383)
- let gimptool use pkg-config to determine compiler and linker flags at
run-time (bug #324761)
- added GTK+ category in gimp.desktop file (bug #328012)
- fixed guides scripts to allow guides at the right and bottom (bug #328320)
- fixed icons in color picker buttons in Levels tool (bug #325745)
- fixed parameter check in Compressor plug-in
- made the internal help browser the default for all platforms (bug #329888)
- fixed handling of alpha channel in Gaussian Blur plug-in (bug #331051)
- fixed incorrect bitshifts in Win Icon plug-in (bug #330692)
- fixed a potential crash in the Animation Playback plug-in (bug #328919)
- corrected tile cache size in Unsharp Mask plug-in (bug #331344)
- fixed the import of SVG circles
- fixed rounding of resolution in BMP plug-in (bug #332501)
- fixed resolution handling in PSD load plug-in
- store resolution when saving in the PSD file format (bug #310426)
- fixed crash in Revert function (bug #333568)
- flush the projection before reading from it (bug #332933)
- fixed MMX instructions on Pentium II machines (bug #162778)
- fixed possible crash on closing a dockable (bug #338286)

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I get instant notification of each base app that is portablized here. So, there's not much reason to post about a new release of a base app within the forums.

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Sorry, I'll make a note of that. I'm still trying to find my nitch in this board Smile *goes back to studying NSIS*

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